Indoor Repeller – Small House


With a coverage of 2,500 square feet, this new repeller supports a typical house.

This products uses both ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves which cover the whole house travelling through the wiring of the home. With a comprehentive set of intructions the correct setting can be chosen and can be monitored via the LED light which flashes according to the chosen setting. This product also has a new PET SAFE option providing more support for the domestic user.

A highly effective yet simple solution to unwatned rodents and most crawling insects.



Ultrasonic/Electromagnetic pest repellers.  Effective throughout the entire home, (up to 2500 sq ft).  Uses both Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic frequencies that can repel Rats, Mice and Crawling Insects from the home.  Also effective in pests hidden in walls, attics and other hidden areas.  Includes a ‘Pet Safe’ setting and is also safe to use around children.