McPeakes stock a wide range of the UK’s leading high quality pest control products, at low price!

This means that we offer a comprehensive range of market-leading products, from the Little Nipper mouse traps, one of the longest standing pest control brand names, to contemporary products designed with the domestic user in mind.

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Little Nipper Mouse Trap


The Little Nipper–the original wooden-platform rodent trap–is designed so that a mouse has to step on to the treadle to reach the bait. The treadle releases the wire at the slightest movement, ensuring that the trap has an exceptionally high strike rate. This treadle design, combined with a strong spring, guarantees a quick and humane kill and makes the Little Nipper highly effective against furry rodents.

Multicatch Rat Cage


A traditional device for the humane trapping of rats or similar sized pests. A spring-loaded front entrance is triggered when the instruder takes the bait, safetly trapping it inside. This trap has a secondary one-way entrance which allows the trapping of more than one rat; rats have a grouping instinct and it is not uncommon for 2 or more rats to be caught at the same time.

Electronic Mouse Killer


When a mouse enters the electronic mouse killer and negotiates its way towards the bait, it reaches a point where it touches the electrically charges metal plates. This action completes an electrical circuit which kills the mouse instantly. A warning light will activate to indicate a capture. The four AA-size batteries required to run the device (not included) provide enough power to eradicate up to 50 mice. before the warning light signals that the batteries need replacing. Full instructions for use are provided. This product is safe to use around children and pets (non rodent).

Indoor Repeller – Small House


With a coverage of 2,500 square feet, this new repeller supports a typical house.

This products uses both ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves which cover the whole house travelling through the wiring of the home. With a comprehentive set of intructions the correct setting can be chosen and can be monitored via the LED light which flashes according to the chosen setting. This product also has a new PET SAFE option providing more support for the domestic user.

A highly effective yet simple solution to unwatned rodents and most crawling insects.

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